Asin Thottumkal Interview

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She's basking in well-deserved success after Ghajini. In between shooting a song for London Dreams and doing commercials, Asin, looking fresh as a daisy in casual tee and trousers, opens up in an exclusive chat

How is life post-Ghajini? You are flooded with endorsements now.

Life is pretty much the same. As for endorsements, I have been doing ads since the age of 14. So far, I have done around 50 ads including Parachute, BPL Mobile, Mirinda and Colgate. Most of the commercials you are seeing now have been signed much before Ghajini happened.

But didn't you sign Tata Sky after Ghajini and after Aamir Khan became its brand ambassador
Not at all. My ads are already on in the South and they are planning to shoot another with Aamir soon.

Now that you have tasted success with both the Ghajini's, which is more special

Both. I was excited when the Tamil film came about. I had done a few films till then but Ghajini was a huge success. It was the highest-watched regional film in that year (2005). A huge box-office success, it even caught Bollywood's attention. As for the Hindi version, when I was shooting for it, it was like watching a re-run of your film but I was equally enthused working in it. I have been told the film is the highest grosser ever in Hindi. Screen gave me the Most Promising Newcomer award and I got my first national recognition.

Do you get mobbed in Mumbai

I think people in Mumbai are really cool. When they see me, they wave out or greet me with a Hi or a Hello. It feels nice. But when I was shooting for London Dreams in Chandigarh , I got a taste of North India .

I had never been there before and though I stayed there only for a day I enjoyed it.

The crowd was encouraging and kept calling out my name. I loved the food there, specially the aloo parathas

Are you not afraid of putting on weight

Not at all. I believe in eating healthy food. My mother is a doctor and she has always encouraged me to eat right and live a healthy life. Whenever I get time, I work-out and do cardio exercises. I am not interested in being a size zero.

What difference do you find between the Mumbai and the South film industries?

The South industry has a lot more sense of punctuality. They start early and wrap up by a particular time. I am used to that and make it a point to be on time for a shoot or an event. People tell me I shouldn't be on time and that it's an 'in' thing to be fashionably late.

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