Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (2000)

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Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (2000)

감독: David Dhawan.
출연: Salman Khan, Om Puri, Kashmira Shah.

Sapna (Karisma Kapoor) has been brought up by her three doting, but eccentric uncles. Uncle no. 1 (Paresh Rawal) is a Hindu religious fanatic, while Uncle. No. 2 (Om Puri) is a former wrestler who is very in to fitness, and makes Sapna do intense workout routines daily. Uncle no. 3 (Anupam Kher) is in to fashion and western music. The uncles all wish for her to marry, but their differences clash, as each of them want the boy to have the same interests as them. Sapna is tired of dancing to her uncle's tunes all her life, and wishes to take a group trip to Europe. However, when she expresses her wishes to her nanny, Mary (Himani Shivpuri), her uncles fire the nanny for giving Sapna such foolish ideas. However, Mary works for another family, and tells them of Sapna's plight. She shares Sapna's photo with Raja (Salman Khan).

He is pleased with her photo and is determined to make her his bride. Meanwhile, Sapna looks to a last resort and tries to run away, but Uncle no. 3 catches her and volunteers to take her to the airport himself. On her travels through Europe, Raja creates nothing but trouble for her, but circumstances separate them from the rest of the tour group, and Raja saves Sapna's life. They fall in love, and wish to marry once they return to India, but Raja must first impress all three of her uncles. Through a series of comic events, Raja wins their hearts. He and Sapna happily marry in the end.

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