It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

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Christmas Eve finds George Bailey deeply troubled. Prayers for his wellbeing from friends and family reach Heaven. Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, is assigned to save George and earn his wings. Franklin and Joseph, the head angels, review George's life with Clarence.

At the age of 12, George  saved the life of his younger brother Harry ,who had fallen through the ice on a frozen pond, though George lost the hearing in one ear. Later, as an errand boy in a pharmacy, George saved his grief-stricken boss, druggist Mr. Gower , from mistakenly filling a child's prescriptio with poison.

George's dream has been to see the world. However, he repeatedly sacrifices his ambition for others, waiting for Harry  to graduate from high school and replace him at the Bailey Building and Loan Association, vital to the people of Bedford Falls. On Harry's graduation night in 1928, George discusses his future with Mary Hatch, who has had a crush on him since she was a little girl.

Later that evening, George's absent-minded Uncle Billy and Harry break the news to George his father has had a stroke, which proves fatal. A few months later, Henry F. Potter, a heartless slumlord and majority shareholder in the Building and Loan, tries to persuade the board of directors to stop providing home loans for the working poor. George talks them into rejecting Potter's proposal, but they agree only on the condition that George himself run the Building and Loan. He gives his college money to his brother with the understanding that when Harry returns, he will take over the Building and Loan.

When Harry graduates from college, he unexpectedly brings home a wife, whose father has offered Harry an excellent job in his company. George cannot deny his brother such a fine opportunity.

George and Mary get married. As they are leaving town for their honeymoon, they witness a run on the bank that leaves the Building and Loan in danger of collapse. The couple quell the panic by using the $2,000 earmarked for their honeymoon to satisfy the depositors' immediate needs. Mary enlists the help of Bert, a policeman, and Ernie, a cab driver, to create a faux tropical setting for a substitute honeymoon.

George and Mary raise four children. George starts up Bailey Park, an affordable housing project. They and the other residents no longer have to pay Potter's high rents. Potter tries to hire him away, offering him a $20,000 annual salary,  along with the promise of business trips to New York and Europe. George is tempted, but turns him down.

When World War II erupts, George is unable to enlist due to his bad ear. Harry becomes a fighter pilot and is awarded the Medal of Honor for shooting down 15 enemy aircraft, including two that were targeting a U.S. transport ship full of troops in the Pacific. Potter runs the local draft board.

On Christmas Eve, 1946, Uncle Billy is on his way to deposit $8,000 for the Building and Loan when he runs into Potter. He proudly shows Potter the front-page article about Harry receiving the Medal of Honor. Potter grabs the newspaper angrily and discovers the money inside; he keeps it. When Uncle Billy realizes it is missing, a frantic search is started. With a bank examiner set to inspect the books that very day, a desperate George appeals to Potter for a loan to save the company, but Potter turns him down and swears out a warrant for his arrest for bank fraud.

George takes his frustrations out on his family, before storming off and getting drunk at a bar owned by his old friend Martini. He crashes his car into a tree during a snowstorm. George staggers to a bridge, intending to commit suicide, feeling he is "worth more dead than alive" because of a $15,000 life insurance policy. Before he can leap in, however, Clarence appears and jumps in first and pretends to be drowning. After George rescues him, Clarence reveals himself to be George's guardian angel.

George does not believe him, but when he bitterly says he wishes he had never been born, Clarence has him experience what the town would have been like if he had never existed. In this alternate reality, Bedford Falls has become Pottersville and is home to sleazy nightclubs and pawn shops. Bailey Park was never built. Gower was sent to prison for many years for poisoning the child (because George never existed to intervene), and is now a derelict. Martini (Bill Edmunds) no longer owns his bar. Violet (Gloria Grahame) is a dancer at a local club who gets arrested as a pickpocket. Uncle Billy has been in an insane asylum for years. Harry is dead, since George was not around to save him, and the soldiers Harry would have saved in the war also died. Mrs. Bailey is a bitter widow running a boarding house, and Mary is a spinster librarian.

George ends up badly shaken by these experiences and flees back to the bridge, begging God to let him live again. His prayer is answered. When he runs home joyously, the bank examiner and policemen are waiting there to arrest him. Just then, Mary, Uncle Billy, and a flood of townspeople arrive, with more than enough donations to save George and the Building and Loan. George's friend Sam Wainwright sends him a line of credit for $25,000 via telegram. George's brother Harry also arrives in his military uniform and convinces the townpeople to sing Auld Lang Syne in George's honor. George finds a gift from Clarence, a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer with the inscription, "Dear George: Remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings! Love Clarence." A bell on the tree rings, and his daughter Zuzu remembers that it signifies that an angel has earned his wings.

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