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'Acting is not about how much make-up you wear' - Deepika
29 Nov 2010 

After a hip look in Break Ke Baad, Deepika Padukone sheds her trendy wardrobe for simple saris in this week's release Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey.

Deepika will play a real life character Kalpana Dutta, who had a strong role in the freedom struggle of India, specifically the Chittagong Uprising in the 1930s.

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, the film also stars Abhishek Bachchan.

Deepika tells Patcy N more about the film.

For a glamorous actress like you, was it tough to take on a de-glam role?

I don't think acting is about how much make-up you wear though it is important to a certain extent.

The effort I put into a film like Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey or even Love Aaj Kal is the same. Each of my films is important to me. The kind of films we make are different but the process as an actor is the same.

What was playing Kalpana Dutta like?

It's difficult to portray a character that is not fictional. And when you're playing a character that was part of our revolution and history, you have to take care of people's sentiments. You have to be careful about details like body language, the way you speak, the way you carry yourself... So a lot of research was done by all of us.

What kind of research did you do?

Honestly, it was easy for me because Ashu sir did most of the research for all the characters -- right from the details of all the events, the saris, blouses and hairstyles down to the size of the bindis and how many bangles I should wear on each hand was decided.

The only thing I had to work on was the body language -- how my character would carry herself, how she would react to certain situations, is she a strong woman and things like that.

We have seen quite a few actors in dhotis, and now Abhishek. Who do you think looks best?

Abhishek. He has a good height to carry it off.

Which is your favourite song in the film?

I love the song Nain Tere picturised on me and Pritilata. It is about two young girls, who are beginning to fall in love. Even the new version of Vande Mataram is very beautiful.


“I need excitement in a relationship”
27 Nov 2010 - 140 Views - Sahil -

Like the character she plays in ‘Break Ke Baad’, Deepika Padukone is super independent. The star makes it clear that she knows what she wants from a relationship, even though she won’t confirm that she is in one with Siddharth Mallya right now. Describing herself as ‘too romantic’, she also reveals her ideas on what it takes for couples to make things work. caught up with the star, who was in Dubai November 24 to promote her new movie, and got her confessions on relationships, breaks, break-ups and lots more.

What are the similarities and differences between you and Aaliya, the character you play in ‘Break ke Baad’?
Like Aaliya, I’m very ambitious, focused on my career, and also quite independent. In what ways am I not like her? Well, she’s commitment phobic and doesn’t really believe in love, relationships and marriage. That’s not me at all!

You play an actress in the movie. Did you draw from your life to play her? Were you inspired by anyone else?
I always draw inspiration from various sources. You see things and how people behave, and you use that as a reference. It’s a collection of things that one gets inspired by. Of course, Aaliya is a fictional character. What you see is my interpretation.

You’ve said that a guy like Abhay (Imran Khan’s character in ‘BKB)’ would be too perfect for you in real life.
(Laughs) Imran’s character in the movie is always there, he’s sort of the girl in the relationship. Also, he’s quite directionless. I think it’s nice to be on your toes in a relationship. I would definitely need excitement in a relationship. Enough excitement but not too much to a point where I’m uncomfortable and feel insecure.

What’s the best thing about your director Danish Aslam?
He’s very confident and sure of what he wants. That’s one of the reasons I said yes to the movie, his vision. Plus he has lots of energy, and a process too. He had us do a lot of readings, which is always good for a film.

What advice would you give a couple facing problems with their relationship?
If people want to make a relationship work, they should put in the effort. You have to be together and keep working at it. If not, then it is better to break up and do your own thing.

Are you very practical when it comes to relationships?
No! No! (Laughs). Actually, I’m too romantic.

Is it possible to have an amicable break-up? Or do you think there’ll always be some resentment?
It depends on the couple and the intensity of the relationship. Having said that, personally I think it’s very possible for couples to have an amicable break-up and for exes to be friends.

What was the celeb break-up you were really surprised by?
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. It happened ages ago, but I remember being quite shocked by it.


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