Sonal Sehgal

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Sonal Sehgal: born July 13, 1981) is a television actress who shot to fame by playing the role of a terrorist, 'Sanjana', in the television serial, 'Saara Akash'. Then followed another serial, 'Hotel Kingston', where she proved her histrionics.

Before pursuing her career as an actress, Sehgal had assisted ad filmmaker and director Pradeep Sarkar who recently made his film debut with Parineeta. To start with as an actress, she did a couple of music videos like 'Ghunghat' (for the ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas). One thing led to another and she got a couple of advertisements.

While she came to Mumbai for a commercial, she was offered 'Saara Akaash'. Sonal made her bollywood debut in Himesh Reshamiyya starrer 'Radio'.

Sonal is married to Naresh Kamath, who is a musician and part of the band KAILASA.

2010 Aashayein as Nafisa
2010 Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai as Natasha
2010 Ishq Unplugged
2009 Radio as Puja Talwar

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